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Lonesome George, The Only One


Many species just disappear, everyone knows about the once rampant passenger pigeon, carrying the largest flock, only second to the Rocky Mountain Locus. Now long gone, we can only speak of them as they once were. We watched them come and go. And who can forget the never ending list of endangered species? It seems like slowly but surely great creatures of the earth are dissapearing. Yet in the case of Lonesome George…He’s the only one of his kind left.

The Galpagos Islands are known for its inhabitants. Just ask Charles Darwin, and he would tell you all about the the assorted finches, jumping iguanas, and of course monsterous tortoises. George is the last living speices of the Pinta Island Tortoise. Attempts to breed George with a similar species has been unsuccessful. Even if an offspring is produced, it would not be a pure breed or exhibit George’s phenotype. While George is in good health at a debatable age between 60 to 90 years old, we can only watch as the time ticks on this old fellow and think of our own clocks.

Each and every person is an individual, unique in a way that even offspring cannot recreate nor fill the void of a person that once was. What does that mean for us. Perphaps, the knowlege that we are unique in our make will allow us to appreciate ourselves more, allow to know that we are constanly in need of improvement, that we should constantly find a way to realize our dreams and goals. Because afterall, though we are not lonesome like George, we are the only ones of us there will ever be.


Springtime of My Heart


I feel I’ve grown distant from a good friend. Many say that friends come and go, that I should just let go of the connection that I once had. I, however, disagree. Because unlike so many friends I’ve had and will have in the future, this one never let me down. In fact quite the opposite, I’m sure. This friend will never let me down and is always there when I am in need. Sitting right above my mircrowave counter in a cupboard in a fancy lace jacket. The Quran.

My Lord, make the Quran the springtime of my heart. that is what the Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) use to pray for.  This beautiful prayer makes me reflect. During my life there was a time that I read the Quran very often. So often that I would pick it up every hour or so, and look upon my large green paged book with the fondness of a close, understanding friend.  When I read this prayer of the Prophet (pbuh) I realized that during those times the Quran had become the Springtime of my heart.

Springtime means something different for everyone. For me the very notion of Spring brings to mind one word: Revival. A time of peace and healing after a raging winter. Spring brings life to the world around us. As the sun rises, the plants blossom, the leaves turn bright shades of green, flowers and trees alike stand tall hoping to soak in the golden rays of the sun. The sparkling light of sun fills the day with warmth. The birds are out and about singing praises to The Almighty, and as soon as the sun sets and birds crease to sing, the crickets begin their night show.  The joy the uncontrolable delight of springtime brings hope and happiness to all.

Springtime comes once a year and all year we await the season of blossoming flowers and revival of life itself with deep anticipation. Yet, when the Quran becomes the springtime of one’s heart…then it can be spring anytime of the year. During the dark, cold days of the winter, or during the colorful autumn. In fact, it is a gift of good hope when everything else in our lives have gone awry.

To quote Jawaher Balousha “The Quran is not some dry text void of feeling” or even “a bunch of don’ts, a list of commandments. It is the most faithful friend of our hearts. It warms the coldness of our emotions. It fills our world with light when the clouds overcast. It brings life to deadened sensiblities. When all you know is sadness it gives you hope of happiness. It bears the promise of fruition of lost dreams and wasted effort. It is a place of joy

Yet so much like the passing of seasons the springtime of the Quran can easily pass by unnoticed, unless you reach out and embrace it, and make your connection with it. I hope to regain my year round joy, my year round revival of my soul, my year round hope. I hope to regain a connection with my year round springtime. I hope to regain my connection with the Quran.