Lonesome George, The Only One


Many species just disappear, everyone knows about the once rampant passenger pigeon, carrying the largest flock, only second to the Rocky Mountain Locus. Now long gone, we can only speak of them as they once were. We watched them come and go. And who can forget the never ending list of endangered species? It seems like slowly but surely great creatures of the earth are dissapearing. Yet in the case of Lonesome George…He’s the only one of his kind left.

The Galpagos Islands are known for its inhabitants. Just ask Charles Darwin, and he would tell you all about the the assorted finches, jumping iguanas, and of course monsterous tortoises. George is the last living speices of the Pinta Island Tortoise. Attempts to breed George with a similar species has been unsuccessful. Even if an offspring is produced, it would not be a pure breed or exhibit George’s phenotype. While George is in good health at a debatable age between 60 to 90 years old, we can only watch as the time ticks on this old fellow and think of our own clocks.

Each and every person is an individual, unique in a way that even offspring cannot recreate nor fill the void of a person that once was. What does that mean for us. Perphaps, the knowlege that we are unique in our make will allow us to appreciate ourselves more, allow to know that we are constanly in need of improvement, that we should constantly find a way to realize our dreams and goals. Because afterall, though we are not lonesome like George, we are the only ones of us there will ever be.


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