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Love Lessons


It takes a long time to find what we search for almost daily, some since early childhood in various aspects of life. It is that ‘key’ that is seemingly missing. That endless search for ‘love’. When we are young it may surround us unconditionally from our parents and loving relations so we search for it among friends. Trying to find those who will ‘stick with us through good and bad, thick and thin.’ Friends who will be there when we fall, celebrate when we win, rejoice in our happiness and share our sarrows. But as life takes its course we learn that friends are gifts, wonderful in everyway, but they are not forever. They do not always share our every happiness, they cannot always come through in our darkest time of need, still they are wonderful, but they are not constant. They are not forever. Like the change in seasons they are beautiful, but they too come and go.

With this knowlege our search for love continues nontheless. We search for love to bring us unrivialed happiness. Unimaginable joy and companionship. We search for love in soulmates. Searching for a soulmate encompasses a long and sometimes painful journey full of doubts, fears and yet the highest for hopes. A hope that is reproduced in our media and is comercialized: Beauty is the key the love. Beauty also happens to be skin-deep, so why not buy our new facial skin creams? We can get so caught up in our search for “true love” that we don’t realize that our criteria for love and our realities are quite so very different. We want love that is endless, pure happiness and bliss that is not tainted. In reality our lives revolve around the short term, each action (good or bad) is equipped with consequences, and there is no pleasure or happiness without a cost.

Upon this realization I came to a single conclusion. The love we search for is often misplaced. We search for it in friends, in companions and one-true-loves, in parents, in children, in relations but as wonderful and beautiful as these relationships are they cannot bring us what we search for, that perfect love. Does this mean that it does not exists? Those that come to this conclusion find themselves worried and depressed. Their deepest desire has no existance in the world in which they exists and they find this world a very sad and dark place. The truest moment of happiness I have ever experienced in my life -untainted- is in the love of God. Because it is God who answers us every single time we call upon Him. Who loves us more than our mothers, who provides for us the tangible and intangible, from the breath we take to the beating of our hearts. This love that we search for was created for God and we, as humans often do, misplace it. It brings us grief and heartache until we find the source to whom we can dedicate this love. An eternal source that gives us hope when we are down. Protection, courage, strength, and most importantly: Love.

“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest” (Quran 13:28)


Taken Away



Outside my window.

Close your eyes and let yourself be taken away,

Away by the wind,

Away by the gust,

Away by the light as it touches the earth.

Away as the sand swirls about your feet,

Above the sun is bright with endless rays of heat,

In the far distance you see a grassy hill top,

A scene unfolds on this unlikely backdrop,

Distant sounds and voices fill your senses,

Your heart is open the wind cleanses.

A man most truthful, honest, and trusted

Stands before his family and close relations with a warning to heed,

Along with a blessing, and tiding to be received

A message of peace,

For an era of ignorance to cease.

The task is daunting,

The reaction unknown,

A seed of hope nevertheless is sown.

The task of the Prophet is without rest,

For he is the bears the burden of the most difficult test,

Do you feel the prickle in your eyes?

The hammer of your heart,

When his message is ridiculed and torn apart?

Does your throat constrict?

While there a beat that your heart does miss,

When his young cousin takes a stand,

Placing his heart in the Prophet’s (S) hand

Do you feel the tear drops falling like rain?

As you watch his decent from that rocky terrain?

As you open your eyes, do you now realize?

The love our Nabi had just for you.

The challenges you face are not in vain,

For nothing compares to our Prophet (S)’s pain.

His love for his ummah, his prayers for their success

Leave no excuse to achieve any less.

As you remember his life, do not ever forget

This life and its luxuries are all just a test.