Taken Away



Outside my window.

Close your eyes and let yourself be taken away,

Away by the wind,

Away by the gust,

Away by the light as it touches the earth.

Away as the sand swirls about your feet,

Above the sun is bright with endless rays of heat,

In the far distance you see a grassy hill top,

A scene unfolds on this unlikely backdrop,

Distant sounds and voices fill your senses,

Your heart is open the wind cleanses.

A man most truthful, honest, and trusted

Stands before his family and close relations with a warning to heed,

Along with a blessing, and tiding to be received

A message of peace,

For an era of ignorance to cease.

The task is daunting,

The reaction unknown,

A seed of hope nevertheless is sown.

The task of the Prophet is without rest,

For he is the bears the burden of the most difficult test,

Do you feel the prickle in your eyes?

The hammer of your heart,

When his message is ridiculed and torn apart?

Does your throat constrict?

While there a beat that your heart does miss,

When his young cousin takes a stand,

Placing his heart in the Prophet’s (S) hand

Do you feel the tear drops falling like rain?

As you watch his decent from that rocky terrain?

As you open your eyes, do you now realize?

The love our Nabi had just for you.

The challenges you face are not in vain,

For nothing compares to our Prophet (S)’s pain.

His love for his ummah, his prayers for their success

Leave no excuse to achieve any less.

As you remember his life, do not ever forget

This life and its luxuries are all just a test.


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