I’m As Sweet As Can Be, Oh Allah Make Hijab Easy For Me! #ProjectHIJAB


Guest Post By: Aamina Aslam, a university student studying science, Aamina began her hijab journey two years ago. Aamina enjoys a multitude of hobbies which includes piano and composing music, playing sports and having fun with friends. She is known for her iconic hijab-wrap styles.  

When I first started wearing the hijab, it was my freshman year in college, It wasn’t really something I started to do on my own but, rather, my mom’s urging. So I agreed to wear it because I knew it was a good thing. It being the first year of college, a new chapter in my life, also helped me begin to wear the hijab. It was going to be a fresh start and, for me, it was not going to be very difficult because I knew that there were already going to be other hijabis at my college, namely my best friend (who also happens to be the creator of this awesome blog!!). Basically, the moral support was already there. My hijab transition went very smoothly and I haven’t had any major difficulties with it since. Well, besides those inevitable bad hijab days that like to surprise attack me now and then, my hijab experience so far is going quite lovely, alhumdulillah (2 years baby!)

My advice to potential hijabis would be, if you’re having difficulty starting, take it slow. The summer before I started to wear hijab, I would practice wearing it to random places so that when school finally came around, I knew I would be ready to wear it full-time.

Each year, I’ve grown more and more comfortable wearing my hijab and it has become a part of my identity. My favorite reason to wear it is so that I can be an example to Muslims and especially non-Muslims. Wearing my hijab is a dead giveaway to non-Muslims that I am a Muslim, so I feel that if they see me being the nice person that I am, it will give a good image about the beauty of what Islam really is rather than the deceitful lies generated by the media.
Well, I guess my time is up. If my story or advice inspires at lease one person today, that’s enough for me 


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