It Was Simply The Best of Times #ProjectHIJAB


Guest Post by: Rula Martini.  Rula is a happy-go- lucky American Muslim gal just to find her place in the world just like everyone else. She is blessed for every time she leaves her house wearing a symbol of her faith, piety, and love for Allah (SWT). She feels so rejuvenated and blessed, and she hopes that if you give it a chance, you’ll love it as much as she does, and insh’Allah more!

There are many things in my life that I have questioned and wonder if I did the right thing or if it was a decision based off of poor instincts, except for the hijab. The story of HOW I wore the hijab is not very deep, it’s actually quite silly if anything. I was on a family ski trip and I had worn it to keep my ears warm and from that moment, I just had this feeling of happiness and self fulfillment that I decided to wear the hijab that night, and it was the most beautiful, most rememberable night of my life for that reason.

The hijab is my restraint, and constant reminder that I am on this world for a purpose. I have a mission on this earth to live and die for the sake of Islam and that is more than anything this world could ever give me. I have the opportunity to change the way people respond to the media by simply smiling at my neighbor, or pursuing an act of kindness one way or another.

The worst dreams that I have are the ones wear I am not wearing the hijab, I wake up and wonder if it were a nightmare, until I realize it was just a dream. The idea that this part of the person that has become who I am could ever be gone is not a thought my heart is comfortable with.

I feel so truly and eternally blessed to be among the females of this generation who is granted the path of guidance through the hijab. The hijab is a cleansing to my spiritual being every time I walk out the door, it is a symbol of the most special kind of beauty, beauty that no make up brand could ever come close to, beauty that attracts only the righteous males, so that all of the nonsensical ones are weeded out from the process, and that is modesty. It gives me a reason to strive to be at my best. As silly as this sounds, hijab is like an arranged marriage, you might not be certain at first but the more you are accustomed to it the deeper you fall for it and the stronger your clutch will be to it. The greatest blessing in the world is the blessing of the hijab, Alhamdulilah times a million!


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  1. Assalaamu ‘Alaikum, thank you for sharing this sister. I can relate to this as I usually used to get dreams too, where I used to see myself without hijab! And in the dream itself I used to feel tense and naked inspite of being dressed! I used to feel something missing and I would wake up worried! Would then thank Allah that it was just a dream!
    When we take hijab, it truly becomes a part of us, that we cant simply let go off. It’s been 8 years since I have started wearing hijab and I take it to be the best decision that I have made 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing!! This is really a heart warming story from one of our guest writers. I know exactly that same dream, I always think to myself where’s my HIJAB? lol it becomes just like another article of clothing that you can’t leave the house without. MashAllah to your 8 years may Allah (SWT) keep you steadfast in doing that which pleases Him! Ameen.

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