Keep the victims and their families in your continuous prayers.

Keep the victims and their families in your continuous prayers.

Last night I was shaken to my core.

Because last night… Hate you won.

Ignorance, you dominated.

Propaganda, you laughed.

Fear, you persevered.

Media, you ignored.

Victims of ‪#‎ChapelHill‬ looked like my friends. They looked like me.

But they were not like me, they were better.

They helped others. They strove to make the world a better place. They helped the poor and needy, children and refugees. This is how they embodied their faith, but because of the twisted lens of the media, they died for it.

Please make a dua’a for their families. Remember them in your prayers.

If you don’t understand what an American Muslim is or what they believe. Then talk to one, study, learn, observe, question, dialogue. Allow yourself to understand that the way you see the world (or the way the world has been shown to you) could be missing pieces.

But haters don’t talk. They don’t look, listen, hear. They are blind to that. They don’t have a race, religion, or culture. They simply are. And last night, Hate, you won.

Indeed to God we belong, and to Him we return.
And in Him do we never lose our trust. ‪#‎InGodWeTrust


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  1. What a beautiful piece. I pray people would be drawn by their legacy and hold on to true essence of humanity to come together to know each one another to accept each other as a human being. These pearls will always be in my prayer. I pray for their families and loved ones to have the strength to bear this loss.

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