Handbags and Hijabs. Two things I leave my house with every. single. day. It’s like saying “Pants and Cell phone” or “Ipod and Mascara”

What’s in your handbag? Essentials for life that vary from person to person. Sometimes our bags can get pretty crazy and so can life. Life is filled with mysteries and lessons that can inspire us. When I find inspiration, I write it, draw it, paint it, share it.

Hijab is a Muslim head covering for women known as the veil. While wearing the hijab is a physical action, it brings with it a myriad of meaning and experiences.  Hijab represents freedom, expression, devotion, art, submission (to God), strength, identity, courage, modesty and piety. And my posts are highly inspired to view the world through this veil with these ideals.

I hope that if you are here you find it insightful. X

Warm Regards,



#SecretLifeofAnAmericanHijabi is a new series we are starting inshaAllah! Please join us for the fun! Share and spread the word, and most of all…happy reading!


What is #ProjectHIJAB?

#ProjectHIJAB: Started out with ONE entry, written by myself for girls who are looking to start hijab this Ramadan. This post is titled, “So You Wanna Do Hijab?”

This post is followed by a series of posts from guests whose struggles with hijab/modesty are posted in order to share the experience and create a memorable archive from Ramadan 2012 that can be used as a resource in the future! So special thanks to All the girls involved with this project (those who are sharing their stories and those who are spreading the word and reading!)

The purpose is not to make everyone WEAR hijab but to understand what hijab is, what it means, create unity and sisterhood. And finally if you are a sister who  maybe thinking about taking this step–this is for you.



Handbags and Hijab’s series: PROJECT HIJAB was nominated for the Brass Crescent Awards! Alhumdulilah a LOT of young muslimas put effort to make this series AMAZING!


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