I’ve come across some wonderful pages that have since been saved on in my bookmarks for daily visits (move over facebook!) and I think it’s time to share these gems with you all (Not to mention it’ll help me to have them all in one place, as well!)  These pages are sources of concrete knowledge and you can utilize them for your personal journey of learning Islam, improving yourself and helping your community! SO many ! marks because I’m just THAT excited 🙂

Qalam Institute: *****

Lead by Moulana Abdul Nasir Jangda, Qalam is an actual institute where you can go and seek knowledge if it is within your means (inshaAllah, one day :)), but it also provides great resources to online students FOR FREE (though I encourage you to make an abundance of dua for its teachers and moderators, Moulana Abdul Nasir and his family)

  • Podcasts
  • Seerah of the life of the Prophet (S)
  • Live online classes & lectures
  • Q/A sessions via Qalam Hangout

AQL Online: *****

Advocating Quranic Literacy: Absolutely favorite website for all things Qur’an related. Lead by Br. Wisam and an amazing AQL staff this page provides ONLINE CLASSES on learning to RECITE Quran from the very basics to understand the context and meaning of Qur’an (see: Revved for Ramadan Post). Also there are online videos that help you in EVERY STEP of you Qur’an journey. Videos are short in length and teaching style is highly creative.

  • READ & RECITE! Classes Online (Aug 24-25)
  • Dua Review (Daily Duas)
  • L2RQ (Learn 2 Read Qur’an)
  • Arabic Sound Series
  • Qur’an Reading Circles
  • ART For Advanced Reading
  • Revved For Ramadan

Celebrate Mercy: *****

Celebrate Mercy started this wonderful initiative of sharing stories of the Prophet (S) via guest speakers from around the world. It is a beautiful initiative and it shows us that amazing muslims speakers from across the globe unite to speak about the Most Amazing Man to ever walk the earth. It’s just…beautiful. You absolutely must check out their webcast series which are recorded and shared. Please donate to this initiative if it is in your means.

Lost Islamic History: *****

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this website until very recently! It’s really a gem if you compare it to what is learned in western history and geography classes. Every class I ever took in school casually skips over the Eastern/Middle Eastern Part of the map entirely! My sister and I were talking about how we, people, learn to fear that which we don’t know about…well done US! Every child in America barely knows existence of the other HALF of the world. Lucky for you and I, Lost Islamic History is working to end that literacy gap. There are short informative articles and podcasts to help us know more of lost and forgotten history!

  • Articles
  • Interactive Maps
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Best Online Supplemental Resource:

This webpage has the word to word translation of the entire Qur’an and can be searched chapter by chapter! I find it helpful to supplement online tafseer classes if you are not able to have the Qur’an with you physically.

Shagufta Seeks:

Sister Shagufta shares notes and gems from various classes, particularly extensive notes from Qalam Institutes’s Seerah podcasts.  


There is no shortage of inspiration, khutbah, lectures on youtube. Here are just a FEW favorites!

* Bayyinah:

  • Tafseer series: Surah Yaseen, Surah Taha, Surah Maryam by Moulana ANJ
  • Quran Intensive Lectures + more

* Salam Studios:

  • Lectures & workshop series by scholars & teachers of Bayyinah, Qalam & AQL

* Quran Weekly:

  • Short videos that teach Qur’anic lessons & duas

* L2RQ:

  • How to recite/continue to recite Qur’an for all levels
  • Dua Review

* AQL:

  • Qur’ran Reading Circles

* Yasmin Mogahed:

  • Inspirational lecture series
  • Definitely recommend listening to lectures for anyone experiencing depression
  • Sis. Yasmin also has a great book: Reclaiming Your Heart 

*The Deen Show:

  • Favorite resource to share with friends who are looking into Islam.

* Hijabinspirations: 

Love Pearl daisy’s hijab videos, easy, covering and practical!

~*Hope this page can be a benefit and guide and remind us all, inshaAllah! Be sure to share with you friends, and if there is a page that is HIGHLY beneficial to you share it with us so I can add it to my page!*~

JazakAllah Khair,



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